About the department

The Department of Military Training of the National Aviation University carries out the training of military tactical level personnel for all branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in two directions:

– Training of permanent (commissioned) officers (training and advanced training of military specialists for military service under the contract in the Armed Forces and other military formations);

– Military training of Ukrainian citizens under the reserve officers training program.

Training of permanent (commissioned) officers is carried out in professions (specialties):

  1. 275 Transport technologies by type (organization of military transportation and air transportation management).
  2. 192 Construction and civil engineering (construction and operation of airdromes and protective structures).
  3. 192 Construction and civil engineering (construction and operation of buildings and structures of special and general military purposes).
  4. 272 Air transport (supplying of troops to the logistics of fuel service).
  5. 263 Civil security (organization of fire protection).

Admission to the department is conducted on a competitive basis, taking into account the average score of the certificate on the complete secondary education, the marks of the certificates of external independent assessment and additional points, taking into account the pre-competitive entrance examinations.

Training of reserve officers (term of training covers 2 years period) is held in 19 military-account professions:

  1. Combat employment of military communicational units and radio technical support of aviation;
  2. Combat employment of on-board radio aviation means of secret, high-speed and telecode communication;
  3. Technology and storage of material and technical means of fuel service, their operation and repair;
  4. Combat employment of automobile units of aerodrome flight maintenance;
  5. Organization of military commissions and military transportation;
  6. Operation and repair of airplanes, helicopters and aviation engines;
  7. On-board operation of helicopters and aviation engines;
  8. Operation and repair of airplanes and aircraft engines;
  9. Operation and repair of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft;
  10. Operation and repair of aviation weapons;
  11. Operation and repair of aircraft missile weapons;
  12. Operation and repair of aviation equipment of aircraft and helicopters;
  13. Operation and repair of radio equipment of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft missiles;
  14. Operation and repair of oxygen-gas and other means of airfield maintenance of airplanes and helicopters;
  15. Operation and repair of radio equipment for ensuring aviation flights;
  16. Construction and operation of objects of general and special purpose;
  17. Organization of aviation-technical support;
  18. Organization of meteorological and geophysical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  19. Operation and repair of radar equipment for flight and landing of aircraft.

For admissional questions apply to the selection committee of the military training department of the National Aviation University at the following address: 03048, Ukraine, Kiev Medova 1, telephones: (044) 451-48-74, (067) 299-76-38, (044) 502-82-38 (training of permanent (commissioned) officers).

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